NAHAIA Active Organics Skincare & Facials are offered within Spas and Beauty Salons, giving a choice of 30-90 minute Rejuvenation Facials which includes 24ct Gold that gets absorbed into the skin, or Active Organic Facials, without the 24ct Gold.

Choose from the Express 30 minute Facial, 60 minutes or a Luxury 90 minute Rejuvenation Facial.

Our Signature Facial ‘Organic & 24ct Gold Rejuvenating Facial’ has been acclaimed award winning with 5 star spas & hotels giving rejuvenating and golden glowing results with happy customers, since 2012.

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Nahaia Russ N.D explains the benefits of a 24ct Gold Facial

Nahaia explains how this pure organic anti-ageing and rejuvenating 24ct Gold Facial Mask can transform your skin, giving it radiance, firmness, and a youthful glow.

NAHAIA Active Organics 24ct GOLD Facial treatment – for amazing results!

Even men enjoy our
24ct GOLD facial treatment

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Nahaia Active Organics 24ct GOLD SKINCARE; Additional to the 24ct Gold Leaf Facials.

New Release 24kt Skincare by Nahaia Russ N.D with innovative Anti Ageing formulations.


Over the years our Gold Facials have proven so popular, we decided to formulate and design an entire new 24ct Gold & Organic Skincare Range with 3 types of Gold included. 24kt Gold, Colloidal Gold and Organic Gold Mineral shimmer.

Long known for its anti-ageing properties and the hollywood shimmer it leaves on the face, Gold Skin Care has been used as far back as Cleopatra, the Egyptian Empress.

When we decided to incorporate the Gold concept to our range, we could not find a high quality product least of all an Organic one. So we have strived to bring to the marketour ethos of results using natures organic ingredients to create a premium organic gold skin care range for ageing skin and those wanting that hollywood glow.

Gold is also a conductor of consciousness and energy which makes it the perfect ingredient for Nahaia Active Organics. What we do with higher consciousness is going tohave a better result than anything we do unconsciously. So when we combined the high vibrational energies of vedic chanting and conscious injection into our micro-vitalove ingredient with the colloidal gold we have a powerful synergy operating to increase your youthful vitality of your skin.

Nahaia Active Organics 24ct Gold skin care range is a complete routine of cleansers, exfoliant, Love in Essence water, Radiant Light serum, and 3 moisturisers plus theLiquid Gold.

Potent, Pure & Powerful…All good things for your skin. Raising your vibration, sense of self worth and abundance.


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