About Us

Crystallising 5 years of R&D and the successful launch of New Zealand's first Natural Herbal Sunscreen, Saincara International was established in 2002 to commercialise and continue the love of its founder and principal Nahaia Russ N.D. in her pursuits of creating and developing environmentally ethical, Active Anti-Aging Organic & Natural Skin Care products

'Nahaia Active Organics' translates to 'journey of eternal love', embraces its creators philosophy through the creation of an exquisite, Organic and Natural active skincare collection that 'loves, transforms and nurtures' the skin to good health.

Incorporating Gold into the Facial treatments was a 'tipping point' in the innovation of the Nahaia collection, in support of its Professional suite of products already being well received in Boutique and Exclusive Spas & Beauty Salons across New Zealand.

Since 1929 Gold's properties have been well documented in skin inflammation treatments and its ability to defend against damaging free radicals, such innovation being intrinsic in our collection, lead 'Nahaia Active Organics' to launch its own 24kt Facial in 2012.

With the attendance at the global Cosmeeting in Abu Dhabi in November 2012, the Nahaia Active Organics collection will be presented to the world stage for the first time. A truly exciting time and experience for the loyal and enthusiastic crew of Saincara International in New Zealand as they see their benefactor and mentor crystallise the companies dreams 'journey of eternal love' in Organic Innovations.