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I started using Nahaia Ultra-fade moisturiser and Gold Oil together about 18 months ago, along with the Radiant Light serum and more recently the Relax Me. The Ultra-Fade Moisturiser mixed with the Gold Oil is amazing, keeping my skin fresh and glowing and I feel it has improved my skin appearance and skin tone to help with sun damage from years of not using sunscreen. more...
Nadine Meddings, 40 years old
Liquid Gold felt really lovely on skin, and made my skin feel awesome and soft in the morning after combining with moisturizer before bed - plus lovely scent! All products were gentle on my skin and I especially liked that my face looked brighter and healthier after using them. Breakouts were pretty well controlled too. Beautiful products.

Monika Barton, NZ TV3 PRESENTER
These products have the anti-ageing actives often associated with a lot more expensive products, with the added addition that these are also organic.

Combined with the essences of love, and the gold make these into truly amazing products. Having a gold facial is a truly blissful experience. more...
Diane Parsons
I had been looking for an organic range of skincare that was really active and actually delivered results - then I found Nahaia active organics. Having tried so many different skincare ranges I feel I know the difference between a fluffy nice smelling but ineffective range and an active results based range & I was excited to try it. The purity and concentration of the active ingredients in Nahaia are not only effective but incredibly gentle. My skin feels alive, bright and nourished - and free from chemicals! I have finally found the skincare range I have been looking for....for myself and my clients! more...
Cushla Bower - Makeup Artist / Stockist

We are a 'New Zealand made' Anti Aging & Organic Skin Care range, available at Medi-spas, Salons, Spa Retreats & Natural Health Practitioners

New Gold Skincare

Watch this video clip - Introducing Liquid Gold Nourishing Oil

MIKE ADAMS, The Health Ranger, from NATURAL NEWS proves in lab how clean our skincare range is!

It's not very often that I go "WOW!" when reading the ingredients of personal care products. When conducting laboratory investigations into foods, beverages and cosmetics, I'm usually disappointed at the products I see because they often contain high heavy metals, low-grade ingredients and toxic chemical preservatives. But a new line of skin care innovations from a New Zealand company called NAHAIA ("Na-Hiya!") has put a smile on my face for its integrity and purity.

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Nahaia Active Organics is more than just a natural organic skin care range. It's active and clinically verified to give you anti aging results. We proudly manufacture Nahaia Active Organics under strict GMO standards in New Zealand with a certified Organic Manufacturer.
"In alignment with my philosophy of conscious living, I wanted to create an anti aging and organic skincare range that would help raise awareness. If formulated correctly, organic skin care can transform your skin
and give just as good a result, if not better, as any chemical anti aging skin care.
Everything that goes in to each of my anti aging organic products has a purpose to create naturally beautiful, healthy, vibrant skin. I spent 3 years in the laboratory perfecting my natural preservative blend, so that even the preserving is actively transforming your skin to make it healthier and younger looking. It gives me great satisfaction in life to offer such a pure, organic, active and results orientated anti aging skin care range. I am confident you will love the transformation that Nahaia Active Organics skin care brings to your skin." Continue to about us, or watch this video about our latest 24 Karat Gold Mask being demonstrated.
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