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Nahaia Interview from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

This interview is with Nahaia Russ, by famous Mike Adams, ‘The Health Ranger’ ‘Truth Advocate’

NATURAL NEWS USA largest online & organic health store in the world, selling our skincare and verified lab tests as clean AAA+++ rating, since 2015.


New Zealand brand of anti-aging skincare receives pedigree international recognition releases new limited edition 24KT Gold products for Christmas

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist Nahaia Russ N.D created an anti-aging skincare product range that was synthetic and chemical free, non-GMO, non-toxic, holistic, natural, vegan and certified organic back when consumers seeking such things were still a minority. “New Zealand fosters the entrepreneurial spirit,” says Nahaia, whose name means ‘journey of eternal love’. “We can do things here that others might find difficult in other countries, like easily hire a laboratory, build a business and test the market, create formulas with native plants and source all ingredients locally,” she says.

In 2012 she launched her NAHAIA Active Organics Skincare range featuring active ingredients like powdered plant peptides and micronised nutrients through spas and beauty salons, followed the same year by a 24KT Gold facial treatment. By 2014 Nahaia’s products had received recognition from some major global natural skincare players including Health Ranger Mike Adams and the largest online health store worldwide linked with Natural News USA, where all products are strictly lab tested before being made available to their millions of customers. But as a self-confessed perfectionist, she continued to improve the products and the experience they provide.

With five years of feedback and two years of revisions to create new formulations, NAHAIA Active Organics Premium Range of upgraded products has been released, featuring higher concentrations of active ingredients, new fragrances and improved packaging to provide a luxurious experience for the user. Her enhanced range has once again been met the strict standards tested by Natural News, are TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and sold by Inner Origin, a company whose advocates include David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, Pete Evans and Therese Kerr. “I feel proud of these endorsements,” says Russ. “It is a great validation that our products are as pure, clean and organic as we say they are.”

Set for a Southern Hemisphere launch in the first quarter of 2019 is a new 24KT Gold Range with the addition of gold flakes and organic gold shimmer to six new products including Coconut Cream Cleanser, Radiant Light Serum, Pep Me Up Moisturiser, Ultra Fade Moisturiser, Intensive C Moisturiser and Liquid Gold oil. The range will expand next year after a commission by a Global Luxury Spa chain, but Russ has released two pre-launch Gift Packs of 3 products in time for Christmas at competitive price point for a range with such optimal anti-aging results. The packs are limited to 100 of each and are available on her website and very select stockists nationwide.

“The ethos behind everything we do is to provide products that are holistic on all levels, so it’s not just their skin that feels more healthy, youthful and radiant,” she says. “Put simply, I will always strive to create the best skincare in the world.” Nahaia’s approach has garnered her a fast growing and loyal base of fans who feel that is exactly what they are getting.

More From Natural News:
The Full NAHAIA product line is found at this link, and it includes very high-end solutions such as the Intensive-C Nutrient Moisturiser (all the product
names have a New Zealand spelling), Bright Eyes Flash Tightening Serum and Grape Cleanse & Foaming Anti-Oxidant Cleanser.

Everyone who reads Natural News, of course, already knows to avoid the toxic personal care products sold at Target, Wal-Mart and department stores.
On the high-end side of things, there are many high-quality brands to choose from. But even those sold at natural-oriented retail stores like Whole Foods
can vary widely in their formulations and purity, and some of the natural-sounding brands have actually been bought out by big corporations (such as
Burt’s Bees).

There’s also the problem of widespread product counterfeiting where you think you’re buying a reputable product on Amazon, but it’s actually
some cheap filler sold under a counterfeit label. (Amazon also doesn’t test anything it sells for heavy metals.)

So when it comes to personal care products, I strongly encourage you to do your homework and choose carefully. After all, these are products that you
absorb into your body! Many things you put on your skin go right into your tissues and bloodstream. That’s why personal care products can either
NOURISH your body, or POISON it, depending on what you choose.

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