My journey of love and skin care

Many people are not aware that our skin absorbs over 60% of what is applied to it. This is a scary fact when you think about the beauty industry. A shocking number of the ingredients used in skin care are known carcinogens, others have a big question mark around safety and many more are cheap fillers that do nothing to nourish or rejuvenate the skin. As a naturopath for 20 years, I recognised the value of herbs for health and healing and was determined to use my knowledge to revolutionise the science of skin care. I made it my mission to develop luxurious formulations from organic ingredients with proven benefits and none of the harmful synthetic toxins.  

My first foray into skin care was launching New Zealand’s first herbal sun protection range ‘Native Spirit’, with a certified SPF and certified natural preservative system. Soon after, I embarked on my journey to develop a complete skin care range, which took on my own moniker, Nahaia, meaning Journey of Eternal Love. It has been an exciting and wonderful journey – albeit a long one. Each and every product has had to meet my high standards. In fact, it has taken seven years of research and development to perfect every single product.

Now I’m thrilled to say that I’m truly happy with the Nahaia Active Organics range. Our products comply with strict organic standards and are vegan accredited, while active ingredients such as peptides, potent plant and herbal extracts, vital nutrients and colloidal gold, make it a premium cosmeceutical skin care range that delivers outstanding results. It was also important to me that Nahaia worked on an energetic level. Love is the most powerful force on the planet, so all products incorporate patent pending ‘Micro-Vita Love’; a conscious injection of Vedic chanted love, harmony, oneness and positive vibrations. To me, this makes Nahaia the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty and a true pleasure to apply.

I hope you will fall in love with Nahaia Active Organics as many of my clients have. First, you will feel the positive vibrations resonate in your spirit and then you will begin to see the rejuvenation and transformation in your skin.

With love and light,