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“We produce Soulfully Crafted, Cosmeceutical Grade, Organic Skin Care that helps our customers skin feel youthful and radiant, making their skin glow with love..”

NAHAIA’ means Journey of Eternal Love.

NAHAIA Active Organics formulated over 7 years of Research & Development by Nahaia Russ N.D founder, ensures that every ingredient in Nahaia Active Organics skincare performs a results bearing purpose. At the same time, using only approved and allowed ingredients under strict Organic Standards means that we are clean green and active by choice. We use only the best ingredients delivering optimal anti-aging results, choosing each ingredient consciously.

We are not just natural and organic, we also have Actives such as peptides and standardised plant extracts, nutrients and colloidal gold, making this a premium cosmeceutical skin care range. Our 24ct Gold range is our luxury premium Gold Range.

We connect Nature and Spirit with Science to produce outstanding results. All our products contain “Micro-Vita Love”, Nahaia’s special invention with patent pending rights, incorporating an energy smaller than an atom that carries higher consciousness and high vibrations.

Like no other our Organic cosmeceutical anti-aging range using 24ct Gold promises to energize, rejuvenate and provides opulence to the skin, while increasing your overall abundance and love vibration.

The ethos behind everything we do is that people are holistic beings on a journey to higher consciousness and higher potential, so all our products are created with conscious injection of Vedic chanted love, harmony, oneness and positive vibrations.

Rejuvenation By Nature, Spirit & Science.