Nick, 22

I noticed the beauty of this product as soon as I started using it. It rejuvenates my sometimes tired-looking skin in the morning by bringing to it a radiant shine and healthy glow. This exotically scented nourishing oil makes me feel like a million bucks and allows me to have greater confidence to face others during the course of the day. As I have rather sensitive skin, I am always wary of trying new products for fear of having a bad reaction to them. I derive fresh joy from Nahaia’s Liquid-Gold every day and I would recommend this ethical vegan skin care product to anyone wishing to have firm, radiant and youthful skin.

Although I am only 22, the Botrix-Me (relax-me) acts to bring out the full potential of my already youthful skin. It acts to smooth out any lines on my face and makes me feel even younger.