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Harinder Reehal, Spa Owner, Ontario, Canada

I am feeling so blessed and grateful to find Nahaia Active Organics. I have absolutely fell in love with Liquid Gold, as well as Sea-Me-Cleanse mask. I noticed the visible difference in my skin with just a couple usage of Liquid Gold on my face, this product is a real treasure. I can’t wait to try all other products. Thank you Nahaia! Because of you I have learned the difference between so called Organic products and Nahaia Active Organics products. Rate 10/10.

Jill Mero, Wanting Style and Spa, Uxbridge

As an aesthetician with 20 plus years of experience and trained in England, I gave up on ever finding a truly clean organic anti aging skin care product until now.

So here we have it – Nahaia from New Zealand – and after months of daily use I am overwhelmed. I noticed how my skin looks amazing like never before and feels so good plus the Nahaia product smells amazing and I’m sold. Having 52yrs of sensitive skin that I inherited from parents, my skin is finally happy.

Nahaia has been through a highly screened laboratory that will pick up any slight trace of any harmful ingredient by Mike Adams. This leaves Nahaia one of the proven truly cleanest skin care product on the market today. Nahaia is a big jump forward in today’s skin care and it’s a truly clean, organic, 24crt gold anti ageing treatment that naturally increases collagen in the skin giving tone, lustre, glow, smoothness and lift. Consumers are guaranteed that Nahaia skin care is truly safe.

Je t’aime Hayr, Freelance copywriter

As a former beauty editor I have tried many, many beauty products. I believe that Nahaia Professional Organics products are up there with some of the best. The other day while having a facial I mentioned that I had loads of freckles and the lady said “You don’t!” When I looked in the mirror, I realised how faded my pigmentation had become and I attribute this to dedicated use of Nahaia Intensive-C. I am also a big fan of Radiant Light and Liquid-Gold Nourishing Oil for moisture boosting when my skin needs it. I enjoy the textures and herbal scents of Nahaia’s products – it’s important that a product is pleasant to use as well as delivering results. I love that the range is all natural, but it’s not just natural for the sake of it.

Carmel Cochrane, Auckland, Spa Manager

I have been in the beauty industry for thirty years. As a professional I have liked the concept of Natural or Organic. But truthfully they have just been nice pretty smelling products that I would NOT USE ON MY SKIN. I personally did not expect Nahaia Active Organic to be any different! I was so amazed I asked Nahaia if I could be her Educator & Designer of her Signature Facial. For now I am providing many clientele with NAHAIA product and facials, which they love too.

Julia Feuell, Managing Director

Nahaia’s range of skincare is just wonderful and I’ve been addicted for some years. My skin just loves to drink the products and their smell is just divine and totally pampering.The fact its all so natural is just incredible.

Steph Zajkowski,

I’m a big fan of your products. I LOVE the liquid gold oil, I mixed it with my intensive C and it was gorgeous. I have really dry skin but it was immediately soothing and hydrating, it also smells great.

Caroline Mansfield, Naturopath

I would NOT be without Nahaia Active Organics and highly¬†recommend these products to anyone looking for ‘that product with an edge’ to improve skin tone, clarity and hydration. You can feel the active ingredients working in harmony with your skin and also feel safe and reassured knowing that there are no harmful ingredients that can aggravate or damage your skin. I particularly like the coconut cream cleanser, radiant light and botrix me, plus the intensive c and liquid gold for night time. These products are energetic and you can feel a good vibration infuse into your daily routine.

Monika Barton, NZ TV3 PRESENTER

Liquid Gold felt really lovely on skin, and made my skin feel awesome and soft in the morning after combining with moisturizer before bed – plus lovely scent! All products were gentle on my skin and I especially liked that my face looked brighter and healthier after using them.
Breakouts were pretty well controlled too. Beautiful products.

Helen lynch,

I have been using various organic skincare brands over the last twelve years but I have found the Nahaia skincare products to be a cut above the rest. My skin looks younger and has a healthy glow, and the lines around my eyes are less noticeable. I highly recommend the Radiant Light serum and the Botrix-Me moisturiser.

Helen Chambers,

I have found Nahaia skin care to be the best I have used. They actually work! My favourites are coconut cream cleanser and botrix me moisturiser. I find the cleanser is very cleansing but hydrating. I can see the improvement in my skin. I also love the scent of botrix me moisturiser and it has been favourably commented on by friends and family.

Bola Harpprecht, Bolarc Hair & Beauty

Thank you so much Nahaia, I love every bit of the product. As a beauty therapy clinic owner, I am usually very picky with my skin care range and I have been using another line for almost 15years. I took the challenge to try Nahaia skincare range and I must say “it is the best decision I ever made”.. I LOVE the products; my skin feels smooth with decreasing lines and also its lightening my skin as its meant to… Just the best!

I personally use the Radiant Light Hydrating Serum and Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturiser..We also stock the whole Nahaia range at our Beauty Salon in Auckland, which most of our clientelle love and they cannot do without it either!
Thank you Nahaia from one happy stockist.

Margaret Foster,

“Having used Nahaia Active Organics I have no desire to use anything else on my skin! My skin was badly sun damaged but having used Ultra Fade Enzyme Moisturiser for the past 3 months it has improved considerably. I also find the cleansers to be very effective and my skin is now much clearer and softer than it has ever been. I love using these products with clean, pure ingredients and they do get great results!”

Jaya Daryani,

My skin has absolutely loved the Grape Cleanser, Enzyme Joy and Ultra Fade routine. It has not only perfectly balanced my combination skin but also my skin glows and is visibly clearer than it’s ever been. After using the products, I can feel that my skin can actually breathe.
After years of trying all chemical and natural based products, I finally found the best skincare range. Thank you so much Nahaia. No breakouts and a glowing healthy skin has made a great difference in my life!


Experiencing the Nahaia Active Organics 24kt Gold Facial was such a treat. The facial was super relaxing and my skin felt rejuvenated and fresh afterwards. I would definitely indulge again and recommend this as a perfect way to take some time out!

Nadia Clutterbuck,

I have very sensitive skin and had been using some skin care that had been doing nothing for my skin. I hunted down Nahaia by chance and got some testers. I absoulutely love their range its so good for my skin. I used to get red patches after having a shower on my face and neck I mentioned this and have been using the grape cleanser and ultra fade enzyme moisturizer, ever since I have not had any problems its great.

I have also been using the enzyme exfoliate and eye serum which is lovely. The products smell really yummy also.Thanks Nahaia I will definitely be recommending you. Also great service and if I have any problems they’re always willing to help ūüôā

Sue Nelson,

Ultra Fade made such a difference to my ‘sun spots’ damaged skin that I have continued to use it now since April 2012! It also evens out my skin tone in general.

I started using Nahaia’s products when I was trying to find a product that would help fade some sun damage to my face. I also use, and love, the ‘Liquid Gold’ nourishing oil with the Ultra Fade. The aroma is very calming and it feels fabulous on the skin. At night I use ‘Intensive-C’ renewing moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling fresh. It is such a treat and ritual using Nahaia’s products. I take my time and enjoy the aroma’s as I am pampering my skin. I only use organic products and I love ‘Nahaia Active Organics’ as I know that I am getting the very best in organic ingredients.

Joanne Maitland,

I absolutely love the products . After 4 months on Ultra-fade moisturiser, Grape-cleanse and Enzyme-Joy my skin feels so smooth and clear. I had used another NZ brand but found I was still getting break-outs on and off until I tried your product.

I will continue to use these products and I am now adding in the Intensive C and Bright Eyes.Thank you, from a very happy person; It’s amazing how a clear complexion can make you feel so good about yourself!

Anja Eckhoff, Spa Owner: Clenz ‚Äď Amsterdam

As a busy business owner, SPA manager, Nahaia Active Organics is the most amazing product I have ever come across & used. It has totally transformed my skin to a Radiant healthy glowing skin.. It is truly amazing!! Thank you so much Nahaia my skin has never looked this good.. I am nearly 50 years of age, have had many rays of damaging sun to my face after circum navigating the world on a yacht for many years in the past.

I have always taken good care of my skin with various quality skincare products over the years. Not a day passes by where it is not commented on how AMAZING my skin NOW looks. Many of our clients see results with their skins, which are being TRANSFORMED day by day. The compliments are pouring in at our Clinic about Nahaia Active Organics non-stop. We are so pleased with this transforming product that we have become a stockist of NAHAIA ACTIVE ORGANICS range.

This is an absolute gift to have this range, added to our DETOX & BEAUTY SPA also offering the 24kt GOLD FACIALS, which is a popular treatment.

Juliet Cutler, Interpretive Planner, Exhibit Developer, & Writer

Clenz in Amsterdam, introduced me to Nahaia Active Organics, which in only a few short weeks TRANSFORMED my skin entirely. “After struggling with problem skin for several years, Now I rarely have trouble with blemishes and I feel confident leaving the house without makeup because my skin looks so fresh and radiant.” Since I found Clenz, who offer Ionic Foot Bath, Nutritional advice and Nahaia Active Organics, I’ve become increasingly healthier and happier.”

Cushla Bower, Makeup Artist / Stockist

I had been looking for an organic range of skincare that was really active and actually delivered results – then I found Nahaia active organics. Having tried so many different skincare ranges I feel I know the difference between a fluffy nice smelling but ineffective range and an active results based range & I was excited to try it. The purity and concentration of the active ingredients in Nahaia are not only effective but incredibly gentle. My skin feels alive, bright and nourished – and free from chemicals! I have finally found the skincare range I have been looking for….for myself and my clients!

Joan Lu, Commercial Finance Director, GE

Work stress from corporate America impacts my skill serverely. Nahaia gold products is the one product line that repairs, rejuvenates, glows my skin against sign of aging, fine lines, dark spots. I’d definitely recommend it to any of my friends. Hope to see this product to be distributed in China market soon.

Lise, St. John, USA

Nahaia’s products have transformed my skin! I am in my 40’s and have alway struggled with acne so good skin care is essential. My skin was very dehydrated from years of using products to manage breakouts which was working against my aging skin. I started out using the Coconut Cream cleanser and had incredible results which led me to using Nahaia’s other products. I was never able to use moisturizers without breakouts but with Botrix-me and Liquid Gold I have no issues. I mix the sunscreen with Radiant Light for a smooth finish under makeup.

The Ultra Fade made a big difference with minimizing acne scarring and fading unwanted spots so I highly recommend using that as¬† well. My skin now looks rejuvenated, pores are smaller and it has an all around glow. I love the purity and integrity of Nahaia’s products and the customer service is top notch!

Nadine Meddings, 40 years old

I started using Nahaia Ultra-fade moisturiser and Gold Oil together about 18 months ago, along with theRadiant Light serum and more recently the Relax Me. The Ultra-Fade Moisturiser mixed with the Gold Oil is amazing, keeping my skin fresh and glowing and I feel it has improved my skin appearance and skintone to help with sun damage from years of not using sunscreen.

I’ve tried many moisturisers and feel these products are very active and also last a long time, and definitely help stop the effects of ageing which I have been feeling for the past 3 years.. hence why I continue to use them daily with confidence. The Enzyme Exfoliant is also amazing, gentle and active which I use once a week in my routine to keep my skin healthy and fresh.

Jody Direen, International Country Rock/Pop Recording Artist

I was absolutely blown away with the Nahaia Active Organics skin care range. I have trialled many organic skin care products and it’s not very often I come across one I believe in and trust 100%. As a recording artist it is hugely important that my skin is always looking its best which can prove a challenge when leading a busy lifestyle out on the road, with little sleep and limited dietary and exercise options! After only two days of using Nahaia I undoubtedly had smoother, clearer skin and a more even skin tone. For me Nahaia goes far beyond just improving my skin appearance. There is something really special about applying a product to your skin that you know and can trust is in the most organic and purest form it can be in. It’s like a moment of pure bliss and therapy for me each day, I always look forward to experiencing the beautiful earthy smell and feel of the products. It’s like the passion and love that obviously goes into producing the products is absorbed into me when I use it. It gives me confidence and truly makes me feel amazing!.

Diane Parsons,

These products have the anti-ageing actives often associated with a lot more expensive products, with the added addition that these are also organic.

Combined with the essences of love, and the gold make these into truly amazing products. Having a gold facial is a truly blissful experience.

Nick, 22

I noticed the beauty of this product as soon as I started using it. It rejuvenates my sometimes tired-looking¬†skin in the morning by bringing to it a radiant shine and healthy glow. This exotically scented nourishing oil¬†makes me feel like a million bucks and allows me to have greater confidence to face others during the¬†course of the day. As I have rather sensitive skin, I am always wary of trying new products for fear of having¬†a bad reaction to them. I derive fresh joy from Nahaia’s Liquid-Gold every day and I would recommend this¬†ethical vegan skin care product to anyone wishing to have firm, radiant and youthful skin.

Although I am only 22, the Botrix-Me (relax-me) acts to bring out the full potential of my already youthful skin. It acts to smooth out any lines on my face and makes me feel even younger.

Nadia van Eldik,

I think Nahaia Active Organics has been beneficial for my skin. I have tried numerous of creams, serums, fluids, oils etc etc. My skin has always seemed dehydrated and sometimes irritated. Clenz Amsterdam introduced me to Nahaia Active Organics. I tried the Radiant-Light Serum, Intensive C and Love in Essence. I have seen positive differences in my skin tone and appearance. My skin feels and looks healthier. I love the organic skin care products from Nahaia. Thank you CLENZ AMSTERDAM for bringing it to Holland!!

Colin Webb, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

This is a complete natural, organic, cosmeceutical range. I especially love the Liquid Gold product. I highly¬†recommend this stunning range. I have found nothing on the market that comes anywhere close in terms¬†of quality and effectiveness of ingredients in this range. I have seen a remarkable improvement in the¬†appearance and tone of my skin. My wife in particular has noticed a huge improvement in the texture and¬†feel of her skin from using the Grape Cleanser, Enzyme Joy and Ultra Fade Moisturizer saying that she¬†feels like she has had ‘a professional facial’ after using them.

Lisa Chappell, ACTRESS & MUSICIAN (well known TV, McLeods' Daughters)

I’ve been using Nahaia products now for over a year and I’m thrilled with the results. I often get¬†compliments on my youthful complexion and I’m always quick to say it’s Nahaia Organics. I love the Liquid¬†Gold, Intensive C and Love in Essence products, they are my absolute favourites but Nahaia has something¬†for everyone so I thoroughly recommend investigating the range and finding the products to suit your skin.¬†It’s organic, vegan friendly, not tested on animals and best of all it’s Kiwi!

Sophie Gao, MA student

I have never felt so passionate and satisfied with any skin care products. Not only does NAHAIA deliver what is promised but my skin feels and looks healthier than it has ever been- which is a huge claim to make but truthful. Feels like a burden has been lifted in finding the perfect skin care that balances amazing results with ethical values. NAHAIA Active Organics skin care meets all my expectations and beyond- I am completely addicted and will look no further as this has everything I need in skin care products. For those who have not tried, you are missing out!


I think it smells beautiful, and I really like the products especially Liquid Gold, which you can use for more than one reason. I tended to put it on as a treat after a bath.